About Our Shopping Site

Welcome To MyrtleGreens.com/shop: Your Store For Plant-Based Goodness!

MyrtleGreens.com shopping site  that puts a specialty products retail market at your fingertips. We offer consumers an ever-expanding range of plant-based entrees, condiments, side dishes, and snacks that are every bit as easy to purchase as they are to prepare. And soon, we will be adding an exciting array of fun and practical products that will support just about every facet of your environmentally-conscious lifestyle at home, work, or on the go.


Your One-Stop Destination for Plant-Based Brands

Currently, we are featuring premium-quality entrees and specialty foods from Vege USA’s award-winning Vegetarian Plus brand. Among the many “plusses” associated with Vegetarian Plus are the brand’s longstanding commitments to offering the very finest vegan version of classic Asian, Indian, and American dishes. For those looking for deliciously vegan options during the holidays, Vegetarian Plus also serves up three popular seasonal items: Vegan Whole Turkey; Vegan Turkey Roll; and Vegan Ham Roll.


Coming Soon – Myrtle Greens To Debut Its Very Own Line of Vegan Products!

We will be introducing an excitingly original new line of plant-based foods (frozen and shelf-stable) under the Myrtle Greens brand name. Stay tuned for more details soon!


Thank you for being part of the new MyrtleGreens.com shopping experience and please visit us again soon to purchase your favorite specialty foods and to check out the many new products we’ll be adding to the site!